My ideal Golden Retriever is the almighty dog
which is enthusiastic to take on almost anything.

I am proud to say that my Golden Retrievers
are of the highest standard possible as companion dogs.

They live their everyday lives happily in a completely stress-free environment.

We have studied obedience training together
and our joyful work has resulted in many victories and high praise.

We also enjoy agility and have been competing in a number of competitions.

Additionally, we participate in consolatory activities
with the hope to contribute to the society as much as possible.

Dog shows are another one of our challenges which we have been most successful in.

While we take great pleasure in all of these activities,
their joy of life is the time they spend we me.

We go to the beach, the mountains and rivers,
running and swimming, cherishing our time together.

Through my dogs and myself,
my goal is to convey the true appeal of the authentic Golden Retriever,
a dog which is eager to please
and ready to embark on any challenge together with you.

Authentic Golden Retrievers
We live in Japan.
Kumiko Honda